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Since 1990, Vilardi & Company has been serving the bookkeeping and accounting needs of smart businesses in the NY metro area. Started by Donna Vilardi, the firm has a passion for helping its clients get their finances just right in a time-sensitive and straightforward way.

Our interactive approach identifies problem areas and provides you with profitable strategies and solutions that will improve your financial management. Once you consult with Vilardi & Company, you’ll know exactly where your company’s finances stand—and what action should be taken for improvement.

Our areas of expertise include the restaurant, real estate, staffing and service industries but we have also successfully serviced other businesses in many diverse categories.

Our promise to clients is that working with Vilardi & Company will absolutely reduce your costs.


We expertly organize, analyze and format all the pertinent financial data of your business so that you have a clear picture of the financial reality. We create a clean set of books and then guide you through the process of profitably running and consistently growing your business.

When you engage Vilardi & Company, you get a complete, highly qualified turn-key financial operation, including daily back-office services and tasks. Donna Vilardi will serve as your mobile CFO, and an assigned staff member as well as the resources of an entire team will be working on your behalf.

What’s more, consulting with Vilardi & Company means that your financial management becomes a fixed cost month after month with little variation. There is no downtime, no sick or vacation days and no need to pay benefits or payroll taxes.

Our staff is located in both New York City and New Jersey. We can flexibly service your business either on site at our office or online.

Let Vilardi & Company handle the books so you can get back to work.

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